Meaning of sale or exchange of services

Meaning of sale or exchange of services. COLD LBM C DOC WHILE “F” O

Sale or exchange of services means the performance of all kinds of services in the Philippines for others for a fee, remuneration or consideration, including those performed or rendered by:

  1. Construction and service contractors;
  2. Owners, lessors or distributors of cinematographic films;
  3. Lessors of property, whether personal or real;
  4. Commercial, customs, stock, immigration, and real estate brokers;
  5. Persons engaged in milling, processing, manufacturing or repacking goods for others;
  6. Domestic common carriers by air and sea relative to their transport of passengers, goods or cargoes from one place in the Phil. to another place in the Phil.;
  7. Transportation contractors on their transport of goods or cargoes including persons who transport goods or cargoes for hire and other domestic common carriers by land relative to their transport of goods or cargoes;
  8. Dealers in securities;
  9. Proprietors, operators or keepers of hotels, motels, resthouses, pension houses, inns, resorts, theaters and moviehouses;
  10. Proprietors, operators of restaurants, refreshment parlors, cafes and other eating places, including clubs and caterers;
  11. Warehousing services;
  12. Nonlife insurance companies (except their crop insurance), including surety, fidelity, indemnity and bonding companies and insurance commissions (whether life or nonlife);
  13. Lending investors;
  14. Sales of electricity by generation, transmission, and/or distribution companies;
  15. Services of franchise grantees of electric utilities, telephone and telegraph, radio and television broadcasting, toll road operations and all other franchise grantees (like PAGCOR and its licensees and franchisees), except those subject to other percentage taxes; and
  16. Similar services regardless of whether or not the performance thereof calls for the exercise or use of the physical or mental faculties.

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