Other Percentage Taxes (OPT) under R.A. 8424

Other Percentage Taxes (OPT) under R.A. 8424

Section Tax Base Tax Rate
116 Tax on persons exempt from VAT (except Monthly gross sales or receipts 3%
Cooperatives) and not liable to pay the other
percentage taxes below.
119 Tax on franchises:
On gas and water utilities Monthly gross receipts 2%
On radio and/or television broadcasting Monthly gross receipts 3%
companies with annual GR of not more or pay VAT at their option. Once
than P10,000,000 exercised, it becomes irrevocable.
125 Amusement taxes from operators of:
Boxing exhibitions Quarterly gross receipts 10%
(Exempt, if a World or Oriental championship in any division is at stake, promoted
by a Filipino citizen or Corporation, at least 60% Filipino owned, and one of the
contenders is a Filipino citizen)
Professional basketball games Quarterly gross receipts 15%
Cockpits Quarterly gross receipts 18%
Cabarets, night or day clubs Quarterly gross receipts 18%
Jai-alai and race tracks Quarterly gross receipts 30%
For the purpose of the amusement tax, the term “gross receipts” embraces all the receipts of the proprietor, lessee or operator of the amusement place. Said gross receipts also include income from television, radio, and motion picture rights, if any.
126 Tax on winnings l Winner of the prizes in doubleforecast/quinella & trifecta bets 4% of the net prize
l    Person winning not in double 10% of the net prize
   forecast/quinella & trifecta bets
l    Owners of winning race horses 10% of the prize

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