My Unfinish CPA Dream

Money, Fame, Achievements, Position and  CPA Title are main motivation and reasons of aspiring CPA’s today.I have a different story and a compelling reasons why I want to become a Certified Public Accountant, I called it “My Unfinish CPA Dream”. I was on my 2nd year college when my Mother petitioned me to unite with her abroad in Rome, Italy.

I was surprised of her conditions when I arrived, she was sick and suffering from pulmonary bronchitis due to weather and job conditions. I need to send her back home for medication. I and my sister decided to take full responsibility of ourselves as well as my mother’s medication.

At a young age of 18 with unfinish BS Accountancy degree, I started working as a dishwasher in Elefantino Ristorante, set aside my studies as well as my CPA dream. I focus on earning and saving money for my studies while my mother is undergoing medical treatment.

Year 2004, 10 days before Christmas, I have this phone conversation with my Mother asking about her conditions, she said that she’s recovering from her sickness. She keep asking about my future plans, if I’m going to pursue my studies and finish my CPA dream. She keeps telling that there is no need for me to work abroad once I become a CPA. I can have a white collar job and earn the same money I’m earning abroad. I respond to her that I’m going to finish my CPA Dream  very soon. Our conversation end up with so much hope and words like “I Love You Anak”, “Pursue your CPA Dream”. Not knowing that will be my last conversation with her.

Three days after she passed away.

That was one of devastating moment in my life and the dream of becoming CPA buried at the same time. I decided to go back home, 6 months after her funeral to finish my accountancy degree. Unfortunately, I was n’t able to take the board exam because of my papers in Italy that I need to renew my “Permesso Di Soggiorno”.  I went back to Rome to renew my papers and look for a job but my diploma was not valid in their corporate world. I took a career path in hospitality industry and continue to work as commi chef, pizzaiolo then eventually as a  CHEF.

There are realizations that my unfinish CPA dream continuously haunts me.  I pursue further studies in London for Master’s degree and get a job in Finance world. After graduation I worked as a real estate agent, cost controller and entrepreneur. I moved to Norway and fortunately met my wife then migrate to UAE . I got married and now have a wonderful Baby daughter Athena.

10 months ago when I’m jogging to buy a “pandesal”  in Al Ain, there was a PICPA registration with my curiosity I asked about CPA SPLBE (Special Professional Licensure Board Exam held in Middle East every year) then that was the lighting of my candle to finish my CPA Dream.

I attended PMECPAR review school, on the first day of class there is a diagnostic exam I can count with my hands the correct answers I made. I challenge myself to finish the race of becoming CPA’s with the changes in Accounting standards, new syllabus and separation of Business Law and Taxation into different set of exams. Having the disadvantage of those changes and working while studying double the challenge in my journey.

Fast forward to the day of examination, application of theories and concepts need to be applied in every questionnaire. I could still remember the FAR and AFAR test sheets that every time I shade my answers I’m ‘Whispering God please help me finish my CPA Dream”.

After one month of waiting, I can now write and shout to the world, I finished my CPA Dream, JONATHAN IlAGAN RUIZ, CPA.

To those who believed in this journey, “THANK YOU”. Thank you to my supportive wife Catherine Kaye and Baby Daughter Athena. To my CFC Household (Thank you for all the Prayers especially Sis Anabelle and Bro. Marlo) ,To my mentors in PMECPAR, Sir Randz, Sir Lance, Sir Erwin, Sir Romiel, Sir Ramir, Mam Racaza, and Study Group (Ramel and Mike).

Before I end this, To my Mother wherever you are in heaven, Thank you for your Dream and Believing in me and You are one of my Inspiration.

To Our God Almighty, thank you for being with me all the time.

For those students dreaming to become a CPA, God Bless.

Go and Finish the Race.





About Jonathan Ruiz CPA

Entrepreneur, CPA Mentor, Stock market Newbie Mentor, Influential Author and Master's Degree in International Business graduate in Hult International Business School, UK. A father of two lovely daughters.
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