Cash & Cash Equivalents

PAS 7 – Statement of Cash flows

Cash – most liquid assets, cash on hand and demand deposits unrestricted.

Cash Equivalents – Short term highly liquid investments readily convertible to cash.

*Presented as one line item in the balance sheet.

Included as part of Cash:

  1. Current Account
  2. Checking Account
  3. Demand Deposit

Cash Equivalents:

  1. Time Deposit – Problem silent (part of cash equivalent).
  2. Travellers Check and Money Order.
  3. Money Market Placement –  3 months acquired before date of maturity.
  4. T – Bills – 3 months acquired before date of maturity.

Excluded from Cash:

  1. Postdated Checks.
  2. IOUS
  3. Foreign account restricted to withdrawal.
  4. Compensating Balance restricted.
  5. NSF Checks.
  6. Money on closed bank account.
  7. Bank overdraft – Current Liability (can be offset if maintained with same Bank Account ).



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Entrepreneur, CPA Mentor, Stock market Newbie Mentor, Influential Author and Master's Degree in International Business graduate in Hult International Business School, UK. A father of two lovely daughters.
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