Biological Assets

Biological assets are living animal or plants in agricultural activity.

Group of biological assets – aggregation of similar assets.

Agricultural products is the harvested product of the entity’s  biological assets.

Harvest is the detachment of produce from a biological asset or the cessation of biological assets life process.

Agricultural Activity  is the management of biological transformation and harvest of biological assets for sale.


  • Raising Livestock
  • Acquaculture
  • Floriculture
  • Planting

Biological produce – Sheep, Trees in plantation, Plants, Dairy Cattle

Agricultural produce – Wool, logs, cotton, Harvested Cane.

Processed produce – Lumber, Yarn, Carpet


About Jonathan Ruiz CPA

Newbie Mentor and one of the influential author in the Philippines setting. His also the founder of PAM Academy and Developer of PAM PSE TRACKER application.
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