Exclusive and Common Properties of Spouse

Absolute Community of Property:

Exclusive Property:

  1. Property acquired before the marriage by either spouse who has legitimate descendants by a former marriage and the fruits of such property.
  2. Property acquired during marriage by gratuitous title by either spouse and the fruits thereof ( unless it is expressly provided by the donor or testator that they shall form part of the community property.
  3. Property for personal and exclusive use of either spouse except jewelry.

Conjugal Partnership of Gain:

Exclusive Property

  1. One that which already owns before his or her  marriage.
  2. That which one acquired after marriage by gratuitous title donation, inheritance) or exchange with an exclusive property except the fruits.

Community (Common Property)

All other properties owned by the spouses:

  1. At the time of marriage.
  2.  Acquired thereafter.

Conjugal (Common Property)

All other properties are presumed conjugal:

  1. Salary received.
  2. Fruits from exclusive property.



About Jonathan Ruiz CPA

Entrepreneur, CPA Mentor, Stock market Newbie Mentor, Influential Author and Master's Degree in International Business graduate in Hult International Business School, UK. A father of two lovely daughters.
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