Estate Tax Return Schedule BIR

If Net Estate (PHP) is:

Over                          Not Over                         Exempt

200 000                          Exempt

200,000                    500,000                           0         plus 5 % of excess over 200k

500,000                     2,000,000                      15,000 plus 8% excess over 500K

2 M                              5 M                                    135,000 plus 11% excess over 2M

5M                               10M                                   465,000 plus 15% excess over 5M

10M                            XX                               1,215, 000 PLUS 20% excess over 10M


About Jonathan Ruiz CPA

Newbie Mentor and one of the influential author in the Philippines setting. His also the founder of PAM Academy and Developer of PAM PSE TRACKER application.
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