Situs of Taxation

Situs of Taxation literally means Place of Taxation.

  1. Poll Tax – residence of the persons.
  2. Real Property Tax – State where the property is located whether the owner resides or not.
  3. Tax on Tangible Properties – State where it is physically located although the owner resides in another jurisdiction.
  4. Tax on Intangible Property – Domicile of the owner.
  5. Income Tax – State where the  taxpayer is a citizen and resident or the place where the income is derived.
  6. Business, occupation and transaction tax – place where the business is done, or occupation is engaged in or transaction took place.
  7. Gratuitous transfer of property – State where the transferor is a citizen or resident where property is located.

Remedies against multiplicity of Situs;

  1. Provisions for exemptions.
  2. Allowance of deduction or tax credit for foreign taxes.
  3. Treaties with other states.

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